Auglaize Canoe & Kayak Rental


Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to bring food and beverages on the trips on the River ?

Answer :  Yes, but no glass containers. Styrofoam coolers are not recommended.

Is there a minimum age for any of your trips?

Answer : No minimum age on our trips. Life jackets are available for small ones. Please let us know before hand, so appropriate flotation devices are available upon your arrival.

Can we fill out release waivers in advance?

Answer: Please do. It will save you quite a bit of time if you are part of a group. 

See Waiver  

What is the Auglaize & Blanchard River like (fast/slow) ?

Answer : The Auglaize River is a very gentle, meandering river. It is ideal for beginners or older couples that want a relaxing ride without having a lot of prior canoe/kayak knowledge or skill. The river is usually about 2-3' deep on average, although there are spots that are deeper and also some spots that are more shallow. Water level is always in direct relation to the amount of precipitation we have had in the area.

Do I need any special skills to canoe or kayak on The Auglaize or Blanchard Rivers ?

Answer: No. No special skills are needed.

Check out our how to videos to learn more about canoeing, kayaking, camping and ALSO SEE our safety  and how to dress page.

Can we leave our keys in the office?

Answer: Certainly.